Divi Theme Examples


Please remove any clutter that is not wanted in the photos or video.  For example hand soap, shampoo, coffee makers, pet items, Kleenex boxes, tooth brushes, newspapers, paper towels, phone charges etc.

Lights & Fans

All lights inside and out should be turned on prior to the shoot.  Fans should be turned off.


Any vehicles should be parked in the garage or off driveway down the road a few homes in order to insure clear views.


Pets should be placed in an area that is not going to be shot for example an unfinished basement.

We shoot homes as is. Our services do not include the staging of furniture or decluttering.  Often times home owners will want to move excess furniture or other items out of a room then back in after the shot has been taken.  This strategy does not work with the way in which we shoot properties.  Those items will need to be moved into an area that will not be shot before our arrival (e.g. closets, garage, attic or furnace room).  These rules are in place to minimize home owner stress by keeping our times on property short and to give our clients the highest quality and most effective media.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Coverage Guidelines


We do our best to spread out coverage and also take multiple angles of feature rich rooms (kitchens, living rooms, family rooms etc.). If the home is very large we prioritize those feature rich rooms over coverage of spaces like spare bathrooms, master closets, laundry rooms.  If you would prefer an emphasis on coverage let us know before the shoot. If you would like more than 30 photos please give us a call.

Video – Areas of Focus

Exterior: front, back, deck/patios, gardens and pools.

Interior: living room/great room, family room, master bed & bath, home office, finished basements.

May Be Excluded: secondary living spaces, spare bedrooms, spare bathrooms, closets, empty rooms, extremely dark areas/rooms, unfinished basements, barns/sheds, foyers and garages.

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